To Nefos (The Cloud)


Type: International Pavillion Competition, 1st Prize

Location: Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece

Project Year: 2018

Area: 38m

Team: Felix Chun Lam, Yi Ran Weng, with the collaboration of Ziyang Luo

Construction: Domés, Epikyklos, Veta S.A.

Client: Benaki Museum

Photographs: Alina Lefa, Jiyao Weng

Status: Built


With the advent of the technophile society that we are part of nowadays, we live more than ever our life through immaterial platforms created by computer algorithms. From Apple’s iCloud to our curated lifestyle on social media such as Facebook and Instagram, the physical reality of life is blurred by our immaterial existence on a Cloud that we are naming Nefos.

Therefore, Nefos is a material depiction of the immaterial way of living, and consequently we imagine, in the context of creating new eating rituals with respect to our zeitgeist, the building of a structure that encompasses an orgy wherein reality and falsehood are to be reflected as verisimilitude through 24 mirrors, and wherein our lives and the reflection of our lives are to be put into physical as well as visual contact. Because we are constantly living in a blur, shifting between our reality and our curated portrayal, to experience Nefos is to feast on the contributions of our social network, to see what our peers will bring to the table, and most importantly to interact with each other through the realness as well as the falseness of a technophile way of life.

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