Škola Smíchov (Primary School in Smichov)


Type: International Education Building Competition

Location: Smichov, Prague, Czech Republic

Project Year: 2018

Area: 8315m

Team: Petros Babasikas, Zheng Li, Mariano Martellacci, Taylor Gould, Felix Chun Lam, Yi Ran Weng

Client: City of Prague


The Smíchov Primary School is an innovative space for learning and community engagement combining two forms. At ground level, the School is an Agora – a horizontal public space of learning, gathering, work, repose and play. Above, the School is a Prism – a smart, light, flickering volume of multi-layered, modular, structured learning, with active in-between spaces, courtyards, embedded media and efficient technologies. The Agora and the Prism provide urban visibility and accessibility, as well as spaces of inward focus, light and nurture. They form a gateway landmark to Prague, activating multiple pedagogical possibilities, open spaces and urban conditions.

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