Liberty Leading the People | La Liberté guidant le peuple 


Type: International Pavilion Competition

Location: Woodbine Beach, Toronto, Canada

Project Year: 2018

Area: 60m

Team: Felix Chun Lam, Yi Ran Weng

Client: Winterstations Inc.


To riot is as much of a solitary action as a group effort. In our mind, we define a riot as an uproar propelled by people of common interests seeking to validate their unsolicited viewpoints. However, throughout this process, we envision a riot both in the nature of a congregation, and most importantly as a reveal of the individuality of each participant within a group.

Liberty Leading the People by Eugène Delacroix

Think about the Eugene Delacroix’s masterpiece Liberty leading the People. We envision the design of the Winter Station in the spirit of Liberty, a rioter that both feeds the essence of a gathered uproar, but at the same time illustrating the heroic individuality of a person. As we believe that the victory at the end of riots is to affirm one’s self-awareness within a society, our Winter Station is a series of obstacles moving towards that victory in both physical and spiritual terms. The journey always begins in group, but the end is reclusive, and the victor of a riot is oneself standing high and above just like Liberty while coming into terms with its own realization in the overall chaos of life. 

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